What’s more engaging than an ambient music that makes you feel good about shopping, relaxing atmosphere in the food court that lets you enjoy eatery on a plate? Nothing is. Thus, 5 CORE presents you a repertoire of PA equipment to build a user-friendly mall for every visitor there is.

Multi-zones and floor solutions:Integration of PA systems for multiple zones and floors having a scalable approach towards the crowd and public management such as column speakers, two-zones amplifiers, mixers, ceiling speakers, etc.

Ceiling Sound Solutions: Sound Solutions specially designed for vast ceilings in shopping malls to present them a musical decoration such as Ceiling and Wall Speakers and Amplifiers.

Sound Solutions for lift and lobby:Sound Solutions for lift and lobby area such as ceiling and wall speakers,two-zone amplifiers for multiple floor lobbies, wired and wireless microphones for announcements among other.

Sound Solutions for parking area:Announcement and emergency system installations at parking lots such as wall speakers, amplifiers metallic and T-columns.