5CORE® provides integrated sound solutions all over the globe. In order to strengthen our services to end-users, a strong network of partners is essential. That is why, 5CORE® is launching partnership programs for experts including sound system integrators to become 5CORE® authorized global sound system integration partners. For end-users, working with 5CORE® global sound system integration partnership program represents having immediate communication with experts possessing world-class skills and resources, plus an in-depth understanding of all domains of sound solution.

For system integrators and suppliers, becoming a 5CORE® global sound system integration partner signifies complete market exposure and unlimited business opportunities, functional excellence, participation in exhibitions, being a crucial component of 5CORE® worldwide sales and marketing network and access to a growing customer base. Being a global sound system integration partner also implies constant support in the areas of sales, marketing, advertisement, technical services, sale training as well as technical training.

The company has been working with a vision to serve supreme sound quality that let one experience ‘the science of Acoustics’ in mutual respect and strong collaboration with our partners.

Program Levels (Membership Program)*

Basic System Integrator Level — Companies that are enrolled with 5CORE® and aim high.

Gold System Integrator Level — Partners that is competent and committed to lead with our technologies and have strong PR with hold in the field of sound solutions.
Platinum System Integrator Level — Demonstrates the highest level of commitment toward our technologies and relationships and has extensive service or solutions that complement our vision.

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5CORE® Gold and Platinum Membership benefits include:

  1. Attractive profit margins at both levels.
  2. 5CORE® products with unmatched quality which speeds-up customers’ decision-making processes.
  3. Engineer’s product certification supports all major sound opportunities in market.
  4. 5CORE® Partner Community Portal – Build your Sound expertise, capabilities and consulting services on a global scale via our partner portal – all designed to help you sell and deliver 5CORE® sound solutions.
  5. Partners will get exposure to wide range of equivalent projects and will gather quality experience all around the world.
  6. Be up-to-date on the latest news regarding the technical innovations of 5CORE®. This is the support which helps partners to explore the latest news and activities in the community, such as
    1. New Partner and product offerings,
    2. Partner’s success stories,
    3. Partner recognition awards and
    4. Partner events across the regions.
  7. Invitation to collaborate in the global events and exhibitions organized all over the world.
  8. Be a part of 5CORE® premium partnership directory.
  9. Leverage Co-op marketing opportunities online, at our own website and industry events throughout the year.

How to Participate?