e1  Sound Solutions for Seminar

      • Professional mic, amplifier, speakers etc.
      • Professional background music
      • Professional announcement solutions

e2   Sound Solutions for Exhibitions

       • Professional announcement system
       • Professional background music
Professional speakers, mic, amplifiers etc.

e3    Sound Solutions for Fashion Shows

       • Professional speakers for Fashion shows
       • Professional mic for Fashion shows
Professional amplifier for Fashion shows
       • Professional announcement system

e4    Sound Solutions for Thermocol Decoration Organizers

        • Professional sound solution for birthday
        • Professional sound solution for parties
        • Professional speakers, mic, amplifiers etc.

e5    Sound Solutions for Brand Promotions

        • Professional sound speakers, mic, amplifier etc. for road show brand promotion
        • Professional announcement system

e6    Sound Solutions for Marriage Halls

        • Professional music system
        • Professional speakers, mic, amplifiers etc.
        • Professional sound solutions for marriage DJ platform

e7    Sound Solutions for Sport Events

         • Professional sound solutions for big area sports events
         • Professional speakers, mic, horns, amplifier etc.
         • Professional announcement system for sports area for clear voice.

e8    Sound Solutions for Media Events

        • Professional speakers, mic, amplifiers, mixers etc.
        • Professional back ground music.
        • Professional announcement system.

Prestigious Projects & Installation Done by our Solution Team

We have our customers based in 56 Countries spread all over Asia,Middle East, Europe, UK, America, Latin America and Africa.
Our products are installed and being used by reputed organisations, government bodies and institutions.
Some of our golden projects are at Kenya Nairobi Airport, Golden Temple (Amritsar), Masjids in Saudi Arabia, Columbia Discotheques & Clubs, Myanmar Buddha Temples, Bangladesh Garment Factories,Saarc Conference Center, Kathmandu, The United Nations Organisation Center, Ethiopia and many other prominent places in the world.
Our each product is a testimony to our unrivaled expertise and unmatched qualityat a very moderate price. Our organization targets to cater the need for all types of PA system
and equipments to all levels of society.

For more details email us on sales@5core.in