If you are looking for an apt array of Public Addressing Equipment for your educational institutions, then you have knocked at the right door and your search ends right here. Understanding the essence and importance of schools and colleges, 5CORE has designed a wide assortment of PA Equipment for schools, colleges and other institutes including systems meant for specific purposes such as installations at Classroom, Conference Rooms, Auditoriums, Sports Ground, Prayer Ground or Hall etc.

Fall Ceiling Sound Solutions: Sound solutions specially designed for fall ceiling or T-bar Ceiling such as ceiling speakers, Wall Speakers, Teaching Systems (Newly Launched), Speakers, Amplifiers as per the wattage requirements.

Conference or Auditorium Sound Solutions
: Sound Solutions for Delegates and Chairmen such as Conference Microphone (V.H.F as well as U.H.F Units), Wall Speakers like Curve Tower, Plastic Columns, Stage Monitors, Array of Speakers, and Amplifiers.

Sound Solutions for Sports Ground
: Acoustically-furnished Gypsy Horns, Trumpet Horns,Reflex Horns, Amplifiers, Array of Speakers used for Cricket & Football ground to suit the needs of sports.

Prayer Halls or Ground: Sound Solutions for Prayer Halls or Ground includes Microphones,Amplifiers, Plastic, as well as Wooden Columns among other PA Equipment.