Reflex Horn - RH 21


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RH -21 Reflex Horns (White)

5CORE® introduces 21” Reflex Horns (RH-21 White) efficiently- designed for installations at public events fitted with a protective PVC ring on the flare keeping it intact in adverse climatic conditions.


  • Unique flask design for high SPL, crisp penetrating sound.
  • Ear Clip & Stands are especially designed in Gear (Garari) shape for strong fitment.
  • Heavy-gauge stand for proper balancing.
  • 18 TPI Brass threads for matched fitting of Driver Units.


  • Heavy duty aluminum body with fine quality powder coating.
  • With stand extreme climatic conditions.
  • Protective PVC ring on the flare.
  • Especially designed to match 5CORE® Driver units.
  • Degree of protection IP 66 provided.