Power Mixer - PX-12


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·         MP3/MP4 Player & USB

·         Mixers are with 16 digital effects.

·         All MIC/LINE Balanced Mono inputs with sufficient headroom.

·         A digital display for easily monitor program input

·         Built in stereo USB/Audio interface to connect directly to your computer

·         Each MIC/LINE channel has a GAIN control, 5 band Graphic Equalizer controls, a Pre-fader AUX control, a Post-fader AUX control, & a PAN control.

·         Each channel has an Echo control for better reverb effect.          

·         Channel ON/OFF switch provided on each individual channel.

·         Peak LED for signal clipping indication.

Technical Specifications:

Line Input Channel


Mono Input

12 Mono

Max Output Level

300W + 300W -- 4Ω

Input Gain

Mic 35dB (20-60dB)

Line 20dB (0-20dB)

Mono Equalizer




Power Requirement


50Hz-60Hz ±10%



·         Complete SMT PCB’s are used to increase product reliability

·         Best quality solder used for strong connection between joints.

·         Optional Phantom power supply(+48V)

·         Internal heat sinks with forced air cooling for rapid, heat dissipation

·         Variable-speed fan for low noise & proper cooling to maintain performance and proper working levels

·         Balanced Left & Right Line outputs through P-38 connectors

·         Array of LED’s has been provided for visual monitoring of output level of speech and music

·         Headphone output with Level Control for output monitoring.

·         Stereo Record output through L&R RCA sockets.

Operation Manual