Power Mixer PM-AL-8CH


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5CORE® introduces specially-designed two-zone PM AL 8-CH POWER MIXER with multi-channels and multi-features meant for professionals use.

Technical Specifications :

  • Every channel has 4 Band EQ
  • 1 AUX output
  • 16 Bit DSP
  • 2 main output
  • 2 Group output
  • 48V phantom power
  • 7 Band main EQ
  • 1 return function
  • With USB player
  • Power : 4Ω 300W per channel


  • In Flight case housing with easy to carry handles.
  • Two-zone power mixer with 2 x 400W output.
  • This is a 24 bit Digital Effects processor controlling Mixer.
  • All MIC/LINE Balanced Mono inputs with sufficient headroom.
  • Hi and Low Equalizer on each channel.
  • Each channel has got “LINE IN” input.
  • Balanced Left & Right Line outputs through speaker socket.
  • A digital display for easily monitor program input.
  • Built in stereo USB/Audio interface to connect directly to your computer with 7-segment digital display.
  • Each MIC/LINE channel has a GAIN control, Graphic Equalizer controls, a Pre-fader AUX control, a Post-fader AUX control, & a PAN control.
  • Each channel has an Echo control for better reverb effect.
  • Peak LED output indicator.
  • Complete SMT PCB’s are used to increase product reliability.
  • Two internal heat sinks with forced air cooling for rapid, heat dissipation.
  • Two variable-speed fans for low noise & proper cooling to maintain performance and proper working levels.
  • Headphone output with Level Control for output monitoring.
  • Stereo Record output through L&R RCA sockets.
  • Tape Input & Tape Output jack is provided at back.
  • Each Channel has got a PAD control function to attenuate the input signal -20db.
  • Separate insert control in each channel.
  • HIGH, MID LOW controls with equalizing effect in each channel.
  • FX control to get effect of sound by adjustment of input signal (when no external source is used).
  • Separate MUTE button in each channel.
  • Output Groups 1-2 Faders to control output level of G1-2.
  • Solo control in each channel to hear signals through your headphones or control room without routing them to Main Mix.
  • Separate Graphics Equalizer of 7 Band for both channels.
  • Foot Switch Jack at back to connect FC5 foot Switch.

Application/Targeted Customers

  • Malls, Auditoriums
  • Home and Professional Recording Studios
  • Pubs & Clubs
  • Live performances, Discotheques
  • Religious Places
  • Other Indoor and Outdoor Performances, etc.
  • Institutional Training

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