Keyboard Stand


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High-quality chrome polished, powder coated Microphone Stand with sleek and slender body structure rendering outstanding look to the Microphone Stand along with its user-friendly features enabling quick operation.


  • Heavy-duty iron pipes
  • Die Casted Piece for proper alignment of pipes.
  • Solid base with rugged & durable foot pad                             
  • Three-legged structure for proper balancing & quick operation
  • Equipped with rigid clamping system
  • A jack (provided for extra safety) which securely positions the elevated equipment


  • Die casted powder coated hub for royal look and better adjustment of upper pipes.
  • Resistant to rust due to superior quality of chrome plating and powder coating
  • Employ easy mechanism ensuring trouble free movement and positioning of microphone.
  • 5/8” 27 TPI to match all “5CORE®” Microphones
  • Keyboard stand, Guitar Stand & Music stand also available with Microphone stand.