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5C AMP 105

5CORE® 5C AMP 105 is a user-friendly, optimum-strength Mini Amplifier having functions that renders high amplification of sound output and gratifying user value.

Features :

  • Fully-functional Remote Controlled Digital Stereo Amplifier
  • Bass, Treble, Balance and Master Volume Controller in the Amplifier
  • RCA socket Inputs to easily connect with DVD, TV, Mobile, Laptop
  • Can provide output to four speakers for better surround sound effect
  • MMC/ TF Input, AUX Input, MIC Input, USB
  • Separate P-38 Jack for low impedance Microphone Input
  • Inbuilt FM facility with an attached Antenna for proper reception in low signal areas.
  • Two-way power Source Mini Amplifier – AC 220V-240V (50Hz/60Hz) and 12V DC Operation
  • FM/Aux Switch to choose between the modes and Mic.
  • Powder-coated high-grade Sheet Metal Chassis with an easy to carry handle


  • Transformer: Copper wire and best grade core. Capacitors, transistors and other components are tested & certified by best quality engineer team
  • Portable and convenient due to its compact size.
  • Can be used for paging into Two Zones
  • Fully-functional Remote Controlled Digital Stereo Amplifier