Hong Kong Electronics Fair 13th- 16th October 2016

5CORE® is delighted to conclude its four-day participation in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) (HTKDC) from 13th to 16th October 2016, a renowned trade promotion electronics fair. The fair attracted approx. 66000 buyers in the four-day event.

Reception along 4-day event

5CORE® gained substantial exposure during its involvement in the world-famous electronics fair. The exhibition let 5CORE® acquaint with the emerging trends of the market and granted a platform to display some of the best-selling products of all times. It displayed its wide repertoire of Amplifiers, Wooden Columns, Wall Speakers, Microphones, Megaphones, Gypsy, Reflex and Trumpet Horns, Keyboard Stands, Console Mixers, Power Mixers, Interview Microphones, Wireless Conference Systems, Driver Units, Power Amplifiers, Booster Amplifiers, Radios, Speaker and Woofer Stands, Plastic Active Columns, Full Range Speakers and Woofers. Few of the highlighted products got the eyeballs from the visitors remained Wireless Conference Systems.

Future prospects

5CORE® is really optimistic about the prospects for the year ahead and believes that the market would be much more beneficial as compared to this year. HKTDC Electronics fair has been a novel experience for the company and it has inspired it to work further on the path of innovation.